Jesula Guerrier

Jesula Guerrier was born on December 22, 2009 in Sanoir, Province of Artibonite, Haiti. She is the youngest of seven children. She is from a family that struggles everyday to survive. Basic necessities such as food and clothing are a big challenge for this family. Due to the inability of her parents to take care of her and her siblings, Jesula was then relinquished to the Fontana Children’s Village.

Jesula parents are unemployed and barely grow enough crops to feed their children. They are unable to provide the basic necessities for them and hope that Jesula will have a better future by living at the Village

Jesula is very polite and nice to everyone. She is jovial and helpful. She already shows a lot of affection to the other kids. With her positive attitude towards everyone she is on the list of being the most popular.

Jesula is partially funded. She needs $150 per month.