Johnsley Avril

Chronic unemployment, political instability and careless fathers still cause significant added stress to many young women in Haiti. With little to no social services available, many families must seek alternative care for their children. For more than ten years now, the Fontana Children’s Village has been a secure place to welcome many vulnerable children.

Johnsley is just one of many Haitian children in need. He was born on March 21, 2010 in Grand-Goave. His father refuses to take care of him and his mother has struggled to provide the basic needs for her children. Johnsley is the second of his mother’s three children. His mother found the Fontana Children’s Village and Johnsley is now happy there.

Johnsley is very friendly and sociable. His language is very clear and he has no problem communicating with others. He really enjoys living at the Village and likes riding his bicycle with his peers

​Johnsley is currently fully sponsored