Taicha Anilus

Taicha was born on January 9, 2010 in Saint Marc. She is the older of her mother’s two children. Taicha Anilus was admitted to the Fontana Children’s Village due to her family’s precarious economic situation. Their living conditions were very bad. Her single mother lives as a nomad. She does not have a fixed domicile. She is now living with a friend in Saint Marc. She is unemployed and does not have any other possibility to earn an income. Wanting to offer her children a better life she has decided to seek the assistance of the Fontana Children’s Village.

Taicha is almost four years old. She has adjusted well to life in the Village. She is very active and sociable and seems to be happy in her new environment. She loves playing with dolls.

Taicha Anilus is currently fully sponsored.